The Nursery School programme incorporates the philosophies of many theorists and educationalists. The best from each of these ideas and theories, along with the New Zealand early childhood curriculum are what create our unique programme.

We promote positive learning outcomes for Infants and Toddlers.  Meaningful relationships and responsive interactions ensure that your child is at the heart of our programme.

Children experience a high quality curriculum that responds to their interests and parents aspirations.

Babies and Toddlers

Babies and Toddlers are provided with responsive, nurturing, positive experiences so that they can form secure attachments enabling them to grow into curious confident able learners.  Opportunities are provided to develop and master gross and fine motor skills.  In addition to these they will also experience social, emotional, language and cognitive development.

Our Programme in Action

At Nursery School we also incorporate the following theories and programmes into our philosophy:

Brain Gym

Brain Gym is a programme of physical movements that enhance learning and performance in all areas. It is a programme dedicated to enhance living and learning.

Research shows that children who are involved with Brain Gym exercises and who cross the left-side of the brain with the right, have dramatic improvement with -

• Concentration           • Memory

• Reading        • Writing

• Organising    • Listening

• Physical co-ordination

•Overcoming learning difficulties

Sensory Motor Development & Integration

Sensory Integration is a process that occurs in the brain. It allows us as individuals to take information through our senses, organise it and act and respond according to any situation. It is also the process which allows us to filter out any unnecessary sensory information. Sensory Integration forms the underlying foundation for academic learning and social behaviour.

There is a greater awareness in society of the importance of physical and cognitive development in young children. There is also an increased need by teachers and parents to have a greater understanding of how this affects childrens learning.

The Motor Development programme carried out at Little School allows staff to work with children, to help ensure all areas of development are included in our programme. By incorporating sensory motor development, we are building strong foundations for children so they are ready for academic learning.



Music is a vital part of our programme at Nursery School. Music provides opportunities for children to learn, both socially and educationally. By children participating in singing, movement and dance, children’s confidence and oral language is also extended. At Nursery School we use a wide variety of music resources to encourage children to participate.



“Simple ways to bring out the best in
our children and ourselves”


The Virtues Programme empowers children to live by their highest values.

Each day working alongside children, brings fresh opportunities for guiding them. ‘Teachable moments’ pass quickly and may never come again. The Virtues Programme provides our teachers at Nursery School, with a framework and language for making the most of these moments.

Examples of the Virtues are – respect, reason, responsibility, care, trust, kindness, courage, helpfulness, self-discipline and tolerance.


Creative Development / Fine Motor Development

Art and Creative Development are integrated throughout our daily programme at Nursery School. Children are encouraged to use equipment independently to gain confidence. Adult support is available for children who need assistance with various tasks. Scissor skills, drawing, threading, gluing and music are all used to help individual children develop fine motor control. Fine motor control is essential for children to be able to do tasks independently and achieve the desired result. Giving children the opportunity to work alongside teachers who will encourage this development is Incorporated into our daily programme.


Gardners Multiple Intelligences / Reggio Emilia

At Nursery School we believe every child is an individual and that our programme needs to cater for this. As teachers we believe if we recognise diversity amongst children, then we are able to appreciate the variation in children’s learning and development. Our environment and planning reflect all aspects of children’s learning. By supporting multiple intelligences and ideas from the Reggio Emilia philosophy in the environment, children become competent, confident learners and begin to experience success and feel valued.



We believe the environment has a direct effect on how and what young children learn.  At Nursery School we view and value the environment as the third teacher.  The richness and uniqueness of our homely environment is designed to inspire children to explore their natural curiosities of the world around them, engage with others and build meaningful relationships.

Our outdoor environment allows for non movers and movers to have the freedom to explore and develop their fundamental skills.


Family, Whanau and Community

We believe in developing relationships with the children’s family and Whanau. Our programme incorporates lots of different celebrations for family, communities and cultures from around the world. Families are invited to events throughout the year and are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s journey.  Primary caregivers allow continuity for children and their families.

Our local communities provide a wealth of knowledge and learning opportunities. We are constantly looking at ways to incorporate children’s learning within the environment. 

Dates for 2022

Local Anniversary, Waitangi Day (6th February), Good Friday (15th April), Easter Monday (18th April), Anzac Day (25th April), Queen's Birthday (6th June), Labour Day (24th October)

School year ends on Friday 23rd December and re-opens on Monday 9th January 2023.