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Why Choose Us?

Our Approach to Quality

Why it matters and why we are different.

All of the latest research shows that high quality early childhood education and care programmes have long term benefits to children.

International research findings consistently demonstrate that lower staff : child ratios, higher numbers of qualified staff and smaller group sizes, are essential for establishing the kinds of relationships with children and parents that optimise children’s learning and development.

Why Choose Us?

Nursery School uses current educational ideas and research to help guide and develop our programme.  Our high number of qualified teachers and educators support relationships and learning outcomes for children.

We have integrated early childhood curriculums and theorists from around the world to develop a holistic programme where your child’s safety and care are paramount, allowing their individual personalities to shine.

We have amazing facilities both indoors and out, allowing children space and freedom to explore and opportunities to develop and learn in a safe and secure environment.

Qualified Staff

At Nursery School we believe that qualified staff is crucial to providing a high quality programme.  Our staff will ensure a solid pedagogical approach and developmentally appropriate programme meets the individual needs of your child.  Research shows that the more qualified staff a Centre has, the higher the quality of care, learning and development for children.  It is widely recognised within education that training and qualifications are crucial for quality early childhood education.

Staff to Child Ratios

At Nursery School we believe small group sizes and high staff-child ratios also contribute to higher quality education and care for your child.  Higher staff : child ratios for younger children are a priority to maximise opportunities for building respectful and caring relationships with children and their families, as well as building on their learning opportunities.

Staff Professional Learning and Development

Teacher training in early childhood education is important for quality.  Nursery School prides itself on ensuring that the latest research in child development is used to critically reflect on our teaching practices and implemented where appropriate. 

Having qualified staff ensures that programmes are based on current knowledge, ensuring that children’s social, emotional and intellectual development needs are met. It also provides leadership to other staff.

Best practice ensures ongoing learning and reflective thinking by staff using current knowledge and research, professional development, training provided by our qualified Leadership team and collaborating with other professionals.

Our Physical Environment Is Important

We believe at Nursery School that a ‘home styled’ environment provides a smooth transition from home to Nursery.  Our modern, warm and spacious Nursery School is a home away from home.

At Nursey School we believe the environment is the ‘third teacher’ and the structure and availability of space effects children’s interactions and exploration. 

We have three separate play rooms and two sleep rooms.  Having separate areas for play allows your child to develop at their own pace and feel safe and secure in their environment. 

We also have a fully modern kitchen, eating and art area.  Small group activities where children are able to explore with creative materials will be provided daily, along with opportunities for them to be involved with baking and other sensory experiences.

All play spaces flow freely to the outdoor environment, allowing your child freedom to explore their natural curiosities and wonders of the world.  We provide challenges for children allowing them to develop control and co-ordination of their bodies.

We Value Communication with Families and Whanau

Partnerships with families facilitate responsive care and learning environments for children.  We place value on daily communication ensuring that priority is given to your child’s well being and belonging.  We have an on-line portfolio system which will provide regular communication on your child’s activities and development.