Philosophy | Nursery School


Nursery School

The philosophy at Nursery School is to provide a safe, nuturing and stimulating environment that caters to the developmental needs of every child.

We provide the very best infant and toddler care, ensuring your child is at the centre of everything we do.



Nursery School educators plan activities that are appropriate, challenging, educational and of interest, to extend children’s learning and development. Teachers work closely with children, developing child initiated discussions and extending children’s strengths and interests.

Our programme provides opportunities for children to learn independently and collaboratively. The environment is organised to challenge and extend children’s thinking as they explore learning opportunities during play.


Observations and Assessments

Observations and assessments capture children’s interests, strengths and learning which is reflected in our planning

Parent Interviews are held twice a year, but we also encourage parents and extended family to communicate with staff on a regular basis.

Our online portfolio system allows regular communication between family and our nursery.